GEC takes pride in the fact that it benefits from a wide array of business units which operate on a field-specific basis. These units cooperate very closely to take advantage of common synergies and tacit knowledge. These units are:

High-rise Buildings & Towers

GEC boasts over 15 years of experience in the field of high-rise projects which has helped it to utilize value engineering knowhow in order to execute high-rise projects as cost efficiently as possible. GEC has ‘first-class unlimited high-rise rating’ (UAE Construction Standard) enabling it to take on projects without limited height. Our experience also allows us to accomplish floors in as quickly as three days in situations where fast-track accomplishments are required


Lateral work accomplishment also ensures that the interior and exterior finishing is simultaneously carried out with the rise of the tower structure in order to ensure that the project time is reduced by roughly a third. To date we have executed over 10 high-rise projects, two or which were completed in 2010, meaning that GEC was able to deliver effectively despite the financial challenges of the most recent financial crisis.


Through its strategic alliances GEC has first-hand experience in infrastructure execution such as underground drainage pipe, water pipe, and gas pipe networking, road construction, bridge construction, Riviera construction, and platform construction.


Our specialized infrastructure unit is completely separate from our other execution units specifically due to the different nature of infrastructure construction.


Our long experience in infrastructure executions enables us to plan the execution of work using methods that cause minimal inconvenience to by-passers, by effectively managing the relationship between execution speed and safety.

Even in infrastructure construction, where the quality of finishing may be less apartment that in building construction, we ensure and take pride I the quality of execution, because for GEC, quality is an organizational culture to the point of obsession.

Purpose-Built Complexes - Industrial

GEC has carried out extensive project of industrial nature including the development of numerous industrial parks. We have accumulated tremendous knowledge and expertise in the infrastructure requirements (electricity gridding, water gridding, gas gridding, road building, and warehouse construction) of industrial estates and technology parks.


GEC’s fourth unit is specifically concerned with the execution of palaces, and we have set up this special unit specifically because of the sensitive nature of these projects.

Special expertise has been accumulated for more than a decade in the execution of high-end exquisite and lavish palaces that offer the utmost luxury and comfort, as well as state-of-the-art technologies such as fully automated smart palaces.


GEC has executed personal palace projects for some of the world’s prominent VIPs and royal families. This has given us an advantage over others in palace-specific construction requirements:


Our palace-specific unit has sourced premium suppliers for materials such as Italian marble/granite, Levantine stone, French gold/silver lvvead, French fabrics, English parquet, Spanish marquetry andv parquetry, Italian/Egyptian furniture, German technology and appliances. Furthermore, we have sourced the finest craftsmen from around the world including, painters, artists, masons, and guilders. Lastly, we employ the strictest finishing supervisory teams to ensure a perfect finish.


It is this same unit that has also executed some of the world’s most famous mosques in the Middle East and Europe.

Completed Projects

Binghatti Apartments

Driven by traditional values and designed with modern aesthetic, Binghatti Apartments stands unique in the diverse community of Dubai Silicon Oasis. Binghatti Developers’ modern vision emphasizes iconic buildings which blend form and function to deliver timeless elegance.

Binghatti Residences

Binghatti Residences’ bold design helps distinguish the property from the traditional alternatives which surround it. The striking orange paint and dark glass which compose the façade create a lasting impression that is easily recognizable from any distance.

Binghatti House

Binghatti House constitutes one of Dubai Silicon Oasis’ prime projects – The 144 apartments benefit from being fully equipped with modern lifestyle amenities including a Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Health Club, and Common Room while simultaneously preserving its traditional Mediterranean characteristics.

on-going Projects


Binghatti Terraces features modern geometric design and styling. The lines of the building hark back to the geometry found in the traditional art and architecture of the Middle East.

The design also provides the building with an imposing aura and sense of grandeur due to the sheer size and alignment of its structure.

Binghatti VIEWS

Binghatti Views stands ostentatiously as a manifestation of modern architectural expression. The angled and faceted components that constitute the building composition are “cut and positioned” at different angles to provide a kaleidoscope of views for the building residents.

Binghatti GARDENS

It is with great pleasure to introduce our company’s latest project: Binghatti Gardens. It epitomizes the notion of modern suburban living. The architectural design is derived from the idea of hanging gardens in an attempt to blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.

Binghatti PEARLS

Binghatti Pearls epitomizes the progressive history of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The project will continue to emphasize Binghatti Developers’ commitment to quality, affordability, and timely delivery. The spectacular architectural design blends form and function to maximize comfort in the building’s living spaces.

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