About US

Granada Europe Construction (GEC) is an international construction company with ‘first class unlimited’ rating. Headquartered in Dubai, GEC’s main line is principal contracting involving high-rise buildings, large purpose-built complexes, and infrastructure execution. In recent years, GEC has also moved into the niche of executing exquisite and extravagant, small to mid-sized, special projects for internationally renowned VIP clients.


Although we operate mainly in the GCC, through our extensive web of affiliates and partners, our resources and expertise have been utilised in various projects spanning Europe and the Middle East. In the GCC, our main focus is on the construction markets of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE.


Our mission is to provide an exception customer-focused construction service by creatively managing the three traditional construction variables of Time, Cost, and Quality whilst simultaneously ensuring value for all our stakeholders, and a proactive attitude towards our corporate social responsibilities.


Our vision for GEC is to transform it into one of the otp ten construction companies in the MENA region, by creating an exemplary construction business model that works hand-in-hand with the client and their representative, on the basis of trust and mutual benefit, in orer to achieve admirable results, not only in mere construction, but also in the fields of value engineering and construction consultancy.

Customer Focus

GEC is all about placing the customer first and foremost. Despite the large nature of our projects, our senior management team maintain a constant day-to-day contact with our clients, ensuring that each client’s needs and wants are met promptly, and eliminating the delays as well as malpractices associated with excess bureaucratic hierarchy.


At GEC we also realize that to offer a truly efficient service you need to increasingly rely on technology.


Although many construction companies still operate on the traditional model of business, we embrace technological advancement and believe that this serves our ultimate goal – to provide the customer with an extraordinary construction service. Our project management process constitutes a fully digitized algorithmic system which allows no room for error or ambiguity, and encompasses all of the following stages: Programs, Ais, CVis, completion checklists, finishing checklists, snagging checklists, commissioning checklists and handover certificates.


Joint Venturing & Cooperation

Over the past decade GEC has keenly searched for joint venture opportunities that create synergies from the joint cooperation between us and companies that complement our activities.


We understand that it is sometimes more advisable to joint venture rather than opt for direct entry into certain markets.

Whatever the reason, we ensure that our joint ventures create value for all our stakeholders.


To date GEC has created successful joint ventures in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan and various European countries, and we are constantly on the lookout for new cooperation opportunities whatever form they may take.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At GEC we do not believe in the adage ‘the end justifies the means’, because we believe that the quality and value of the ‘end’ derive directly from the ‘means’ used to achieve it, and specifically how these ‘means’ impact our various stakeholders, including our communities and environment.


We believe that in order to take, you must give back, and at GEC we like to give back to our communities and future generations by ensuring that we build safe, clean, environmentally-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing projects, whilst maintaining a policy of considerate building practices aimed at providing the maximum convenience and comfort for neighbouring communities and passing traffic.


Care is taken to reduce unnecessary sound and chemical pollution, and to properly organize the inflow and outflow of machinery and HGVs.


GEX has also introduced a company-wide ‘Green Initiative’ aimed at embracing more environmentally considerate building practices, in the hope that we do our part in minimising damage to the environment.